About Us

Started with the vision of enhancing and optimizing the digital presence of individuals and businesses alike, WhiteCollar is your one-stop solution to remove friction from the process of personal branding in the professional strata.

Our current portfolio of B2C services includes Resume building, creation & maintenance of LinkedIn accounts and curation of cover letters for individuals. Our B2B solutions focus on communicating the vision of our clients’ organizations to the masses and subsequently helping them fulfil their short-term marketing objectives, through the management of their social media platforms.

Why Choose Us?

In today's increasingly competitive world, digitally presenting oneself has become a prerequisite for any student or professional aiming to thrive and succeed. 


Resume and Cover Letters have been a part of the recruitment processes for a long time, but gone are the days when it was considered just a formality with plain text. Increased competition has created a need to ‘stand out’, with concise content and graphically aesthetic formats. Moreover, the recruitment industry has embraced technology, which has brought forward newfound importance to include specific keywords in Resumes and Cover Letters. Additionally, for the go-getters looking to network with industry leaders and discover lucrative opportunities, it has become essential to have a strong LinkedIn profile and presence.


Started after months of research and guidance from industry professionals in the country, WhiteCollar has transformed into your one-stop solution to crack any job or internship process, masterfully assisting you to be the winner you want to be and ‘help you stand out’.


With WhiteCollar, the services will be:

- Approved by the top companies.

- Affordable and high in quality.

- Tailored for the job role or profile.

- ATS Optimized services.

How WhiteCollar started?

WhiteCollar was simply an idea born out of an observation. All four of us were just other college students, confused and exploring - looking for different opportunities. Anant, one of the co-founders, with some knowledge about profile building, used to find himself reviewing CVs and LinkedIn profiles of many of his batchmates. This led him to identify a problem most college students face - being unable to professionally represent themselves which incited a conversation between the four of us.


What followed up was months of research and getting to know the ins and outs of the recruitment industry. We realised that while the talent amongst the youth in our country is unquestionable, it is the ability to professionally project themselves that holds most of the students or young professionals back from achieving their career aspirations.


Keeping this very problem in mind, WhiteCollar became a reality, with an objective to help our clients ‘stand out’ from the rest. At WhiteCollar, the priority is always to maintain a high quality of service, at extremely affordable pricing. WhiteCollar is a growing company with many new services & cohorts lined up, but the objective will always be to positively impact the way students and young professionals represent themselves, in this excessively competitive ecosystem.


Tushar Jain, Krishna Poddar,

Anant Jethalia, Nikhil Chhabra

with Michael Scott

Meet the Team


Anant Jethalia


Where specialization is the path taken by most these days, I am a generalist, with a zeal to learn about as many things I can. Currently, I am a third year student at SCMS, Pune pursuing BBA with a specialization in marketing, and have 8+ internship experiences across different management verticals.

I am an ardent football fan (Forca Barca and GGMU), who absolutely loves playing FIFA! Oh and yeah, I binge over Michael Scott almost everyday.


Krishna Poddar


A visual storyteller and designer at heart, my soul flourishes for being surrounded by so many art forms in today's media world. Therefore, you can always find me travelling with a camera trying to capture every beautiful moment. I have a penchant for design and its ability to convert ideas into reality; the website UI you experience right now was passionately designed by me. As a BBA student from Symbiosis, Pune - I have a flair for marketing, especially in the field of media marketing.

I mostly enjoy listening to music or watching movies in my leisure time. I aspire to learn more about filmmaking and get started on a similar career path in the future.  


Nikhil Chhabra


In this era of deep focus on specialization, I stand out as a jack of all trades with a plethora of interests spanning the Finance, Technology and Media domains. Currently pursuing BBA from SCMS, Pune with majors in Accounting & Finance and International Business at Symbiosis, Pune. Additionally, I have a keen inclination towards data science & I am currently working towards proficiency in Python, Business Analytics & Machine Learning.

You can find me reading books, binging TV shows or getting my ass kicked on Call of Duty in my leisure time.


Tushar Jain


I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree from Symbiosis, Pune - one of the finest management colleges in the country and have interned with plethora of organisations across different verticals, which have moulded me into a responsible and proactive individual.

Dubbed as the funniest in the room, I am a huge fan of movies, TV shows, and video games!